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June 30, 2007



love the toddler tote... very cute. Perfect for all the 'treasures' they collect in their travels or for their precious 'tidbits' they refuse to leave behind when they 'travel'


This continues to be my favorite book for making my daughter's clothing. I was able to construct an entire summer wardrobe for her from it. I liked how different pieces built upon each other--one of the pieces for the top with an elastic neckline and puffed sleeves was also used to make two different halter tops. And I've made so many of those smocks in different fabrics--in the winter she wears them layered over long sleeved shirts.

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Lovely dress, looks so nice and cool for the heat!


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The language of eternal silence.
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I ordered the book this morning off you guys with the added quilt kit!!!I will be busy wont I especially when the other son said he wants one too.Oh dear!!!The joys of it all.Look forward to starting it.Take care.

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